Private Tastings

Daygustation can design a wine experience tailored to your requirements and budget. Our passion for good tastes means that food and wine pairing usually play a central role in any of our tastings. We specialise in expert, yet informal events where people learn, but, most importantly have a good time.


Here are a few of our most popular formats:

daygustation wines

Wine & Cheese Pairing

Daygustation’s wine and cheese pairing sets the record straight about many popular misconceptions: people assume that red wine and cheese go together, but actually red wines only work well with hard cheeses. White wines, with higher acidity, are often a much better match for creamy and goat milk cheeses. Blue cheese will overpower nearly all red and white wines, so only a fortified wine like Port or sweet wine like Sauternes will work. When you get it right the combination is lipsmacking taking the wine and cheese to another level. We will guide you to wine and cheese heaven using eight fine wines and eight artisanal cheeses. From £95 per person.

Champagne Tasting

Champagne is the undisputed king of sparkling wines, but what makes it so special? Don’t worry if you don’t know your riddling from your disgorgement, we will bring alive the Champagne story with a tasting of the seven main styles: Non-Vintage, Vintage, Rosé, Prestige Cuvée, Demi-Sec, Blanc de Blanc and Blanc de Noirs. From £150 per person.

Private Chef/Sommelier Dinner

Daygustation create bespoke wine dinners served in the comfort your own home. For larger events we can suggest suitable venues or restaurants. The difference is that the starting point is the wine allowing us to create dishes that work in perfect harmony (most chefs work the other way around and the wine choice is often compromised). We work with a number of top chefs including a few who currently work in a Michelin starred restaurant. A popular format is the ‘Grand Dinner’: the evening starts with a Champagne Masterclass hosted by your personal sommelier Matt Day with four Champagnes matched to four canapés. The main course and dessert are then followed by a Wine and Cheese Masterclass where four artisan cheeses are each matched to the perfect wine. Each experience is tailored to your preferences and budget.