Wednesday 31st January – Pot Luck Supper Club (£15)

Twice a month we run a Pot Luck supper club where a brave customer cooks their favourite dish for 25-30 people (we pay for the ingredients). This month Ed and Karuna are cooking a Railway Mutton Curry. £15 gets you a delicious plate of food and a glass of wine.

Wednesday 14th February – Oyster Night 7-10pm

Shucking hell! Kevin (pictured) from Wanstead Fish has now retired, but his wingman Paulius will be shucking Malden Rocks all night and he is also bringing some cold water crevettes for anyone who prefers a prawn. Matt will be whipping up some fresh shallot vinegar, hogswash and aioli. A platter of a dozen oysters or prawns is £25 and corkage (usually £10) is free.

PS Oysters on Valentine’s – need we spell it out?

Saturday 17th February 3-5pm – Wine & Cheese Masterclass (£75)

Contrary to popular opinion some cheeses actually taste bad with certain styles of wine. Red wine is to blame for most unsuccessful pairings as cream, soft, goat and blue cheese simply don’t work with red wine and may work better with white, sweet or fortified wines or even beers and ciders. But when you get it right then the combination can be lip smacking – Port and Stilton works because the sweetness of the wine harmonises with the sharpness of the cheese. But this isn’t the only match made in heaven, as you will discover on our Wine & Cheese Masterclass, which includes six fine wines matched to six artisanal cheeses from La Fromagerie

Not only will you learn to match different wine styles to the right cheese, this short course will teach you about the fundamentals of food and wine pairing. Matt (who amongst other things was a Cheese Ambassador) will guide you through six perfect wine and cheese pairings. Following his simple guidelines you will be able to repeat the experience at your next dinner party and wow your friends! The class covers white, rosé, red, sweet and fortified wines and goat, cow and sheep cheeses (soft, hard and blue). There will be plenty of opportunity to ask Matt your questions.

“We met some nice people and Matt was very informative, not only on the wines but also on the cheeses… A very enjoyable experience”. – Linda Jenkins

“Both great fun and educational. Matt is incredibly knowledgeable.” – Martin Smith